Redgrave "Shakesbeer" Festival 2018

Immerse yourself in the Redgrave’s mythological past, where history meets legend, as you enjoy the timeless story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream upon the backdrop of Saxons, druids, Norse gods and vikings.


The inaugural production at the Redgrave Shakesbeer Festival borrows lore and mythos from many different ages of this rich and fascinating area, creating a magical collage which goes hand in hand with Shakespeare’s folkloric masterpiece.


Live musicians and a beautiful site-specific set design support a fantastic cast of community and sheffield-based actors in an evening of open-air theatre, not to mention a little beer tasting!

Performed at Star Wing Brewery, July 2018.


Ben Price and Tom Williams


Riley Wolton


Pippa Atkinson

Production Manager

SJ Turner

Lighting Designer/Chief LX

Tom Robbins

Costume Designer

Miriam Schechter


Molly Bailey

Jack Cadman

Luke Cornwell

Martha Duxon

George Evans

Laurence Hunt

Nora Murphy

Matt Pratt

Ben Price

Miriam Schechter

Polly Sculpher

Flora Turnbull

Wilf Walsworth

Tom Williams


Jamie Cleaver

Ellis Cleaver

Dec Cunningham

Jenny Eason

Francis Rooney

Kate Wolton

Riley Wolton

Thank you for the continued generosity of Star Wing Brewery for making Redgrave Shakesbeer Festival happen!

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Photos courtesy of David Black