in assocation with DINA Venue

Would you risk your life for the sake of something to live for?
In a barren future blighted by lack of resource and authoritarian censorship, Club Bazaar tells the story of six performers trying to bring some colour to the lives of their tragically repressed audience. This show-within-a-show is a celebration of artistic expression, nonsense story-telling, and political defiance. Darting furiously between song, dance, comedy, tragedy and painting each other’s faces; the cast work tirelessly to please their audience, despite having hardly ever seen or heard art themselves – which can make for some wacky moments!
Performed at Cellar Theatre, DINA Venue, 26-29 November 2017.


Ben Price and Miriam Schechter


Ben Price

Composer/Musical Director

Emily Compton

Production Manager

Katie Seeley


Pippa Atkinson

Lighting Designer

Kane Lawrence

Costume Designer

Fi Baptiste


Stage Manager

Ellie Pickersgill

Assistant Stage Manager

Luke Cornwell


Nora Murphy

Stan Skinny

Tom Williams


Emily Compton

Will Shaw

Olivia Shotton

We would like to thank DINA Venue Sheffield and all of their staff - most notably Malcolm and Deborah, who have treated us with true kindness - for making this show possible.


We have many friends, family and peers who have contributed a great deal to this project in particular, and many more who support the company through thick and thin, here's to you all!

Emily Compton
Nora Murphy and Tom Williams
Stan Skinny and Nora Murphy
Nora Murphy
Will Shaw
Will Shaw
Stan Skinny
Tom Williams

Photos courtesy of Cordelia O'Driscoll