in assocation with Portland Works 

A new play about conspiracy theories.
Bruce Lee said something before he faked his own death; “those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never see the light.” Fake news is nothing new. Every president, every prime minister. Every station, every newspaper. Every aunt, every uncle. Everybody is lying to you. In life it can be hard to know what is really true - and even harder to accept it once you do.

Follow The Dots through the early noughties and into the near future, as they struggle to come to terms with who sank the titanic, why Ronaldo was forced to play on through injury at the '98 World Cup final, and a lot more mysteries closer to home.

Performed at Portland Works Makerspace, 2nd-3rd July 2021.


Ben Price


Ben Price

Composer/Sound Designer/Rita

Emily Compton


Pippa Atkinson


Will Taylor


Thomas Parrish

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