The Iconoclasts tells the story of an exuberant family facade that is just about ready to crack!

Music, magic, poetry, drag and comedy meet in an explosive night of what would-be redemption for the former celebrities, but the cabaret-style comeback night just goes further and further off course.

Played in by a funky live band, fronted by the sexy Sweet Stax, lucky ticket holders are encouraged to grab a drink and strap in for the fiery return of the showbiz legends.


Ben Price

Composer/Musical Director

Emily Compton

Production Manager

Katie Seeley


Pippa Atkinson

Stage Manager

Luke Cornwell


Set Designer

James Bailey


Lighting Designer

Sam Costelloe


Pippa Atkinson


Chief Electrican

Tom Robbins


Sound Engineer

Jack Hardwick

Lighting Operator

SJ Turner


Alex Cosgriff

Gabrielle Nellis-Pain

Will Taylor

Tom Williams


Emily Compton

Thomas Fabian Parish 

Meg Rowley

Tommy Sarosi

Will Shaw

Cast and crew of past productions: Emma Pollitt, Katie Coen, Jonny Poole, Tom Crathorne, Ford Collier, Will Moran, Hugh Francis, Ben Allen, Cordelia O'Driscoll.




We would like to thank the many people have worked on this show with us along the way! Three cheers for Tegan Caddy, Margaret Smith, Phoebe Phillips, Lauren Eggleton, Hannah King, Rowan Reed, Stephen Geller, Cordelia O'Driscoll, Francis Rooney, Emma Pollit & Jack Solloway!


We'd also like to mention the following rascals without whom The Iconoclasts wouldn't be what it is; Julian Ellis-Brown, Carys WIlliams, Bertie & Ted (and everyone who put us up on tour), Alex Powell, Trish Roberts, Immie Davies, Steph Hardy, Polly Sculpher & everyone at Moor Deli Sheffield.


The University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation is delighted to provide sponsorship to Dear Hunter Theatre.


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Photos courtesy of Eliza Nash, James Wordsworth and Ana-Maria Vasilache



Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield (2016), Debut.

NSDF Hull (2017)

Nottingham New Theatre (2017)

Camden People’s Theatre (2017)

Bristol Alma Tavern and Theatre (2017)

C Primo, Edinburgh (2017)                   

Greenwich Theatre, London (2018)                          

New Diorama, London (Incoming Fest 2018)                            

HOME Manchester (Incoming Fest 2018)                            





Runner-up for The NSDF Edinburgh Award, 2017

Company supported by Making Room Summer Residencies at Sheffield Theatres

Commendation for Choreography at NSDF 2017

★★★★ “Worked on so many levels!” Broadway Baby

★★★★ “Wow, what a storm of a show” Musical Theatre Review

★★★★ “An absolute treat” Fringe Guru

★★★★★ "Emily Compton's score was excellent" Forge Press

"A sweet, poignant idea [...] executed with humour and guile." State of the Arts

"Played beautifully" Sunday Times

"Unmissable explosion of intriguing characters performed by immensely talented actors...Utterly Faultless.” Impact Magazine

Awards and Acclaim