Redgrave "Shakesbeer" Festival 2019

It's 1945 in Redgrave and the news coming over the airwaves is huge; our boys have done it. The war is over.
The tone of Duke Orsiono's celebratory garden party is bittersweet though. Yes, the war is won; but the casualties are many. 
The Duke's love, Olivia, has lost her brother, Sir Toby Belch has returned a drinker, and a pair of seemingly identical, yet unknown, soldiers have rocked up to the party uninvited...
An afternoon of mistaken identity, unrequited love and social classes crashing against each other unfolds as the party drags on - it's just as well there's plenty of staff on hand serving drinks!
A classic story reimagined at a confusing crossroads in British History, lit up with a dazzling jazz band underscoring the madness. Redgrave Shakesbeer Festival's production of Twelfth Night is not to be missed!
Performed at Star Wing Brewery, 11-14 July 2019.


Ben Price and Tom Williams

Composer/Musical Director

Emily Compton


Pippa Atkinson and Pippa Le Grand

Production Manager

Jack Goodison

Costume Designer

Katie Kelson

Stage Manager

Lucy Green

Production Electrician

Simon Alford


Elizabeth Bishop

James Huxtable

Martha Duxon

Matt Pratt

Matthew Bevan

Nora Murphy

Cerys Hayes

Eleanor Wright

Jordan Mayers

George Evans

Michael Saliba

Joe Kinch

Emily Bowles

Will Pierson


Jamie Cleaver

Emily Compton

Kate Wolton

Riley Wolton

Dec Cunningham


Thank you for the continued generosity of Star Wing Brewery for making Redgrave "Shakesbeer" Festival a reality!

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Other acts over the weekend...

Rust and Star.jpeg

Mick the Baker

Rust and Star Dust Puppets


Jonny Hepbir Quartet